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Ride Where The Pros Ride - Mountain Bike on the Sunshine Coast

4 Days / 3 Nights

The Sunshine Coast offers ideal terrain for road riders and mountain bikers of all skill levels. Throughout the region, hundreds of kms of trails-many of which are loop routes for easy navigation-mean many a return trip will be needed to complete them all.  Whether you´re looking for a scenic two-wheeled stroll, want to break the land speed record while catching some air along the way, or something in between the two ... the Sunshine Coast has a trail (or two!) just for you.

Day 1  
If mountain biking is your thing, the Sunshine Coast has something to offer every level of trail seeker - from climbing to viewpoints, crawling along creeks, circling around lakes, single track through forests to some big-time downhill speed moments.  Begin with a scenic 40 minute ferry ride aboard BC Ferries from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale.  You will cruise through a breathtakingly beautiful passage studded with emerald islands.

Spockids Mountain Bike Park is located near the Langdale Ferry Terminal. The park is made up of a network of trails designed for all skill levels of mountain bikers and is a great place to focus on the technical side of riding.  Explore over 14 km of trails (8.4 Mi.) with roots, jumps, ramps, teeter-bars and downhill.  Most of the biking routes loop back to the centre of the park so riders can explore many of the trails.  Said to be one of the more popular biking routes, the 3 km loop trail with some steep climbs, allows you to build up speed and momentum to go downhill into a technical section along a creek bed and back to the park.  

Access to Sprockids Mountain Bike Park: Located on the Sunshine Coast, near upper Gibsons accessed by Stewart Road.  Turn left up the dirt road which leads to the entrance of the park.  Park at gate if closed.

Retire & rejuvenate at the Bed & Breakfast, Suite or Cottage of your choice.  

Day 2
The Sunshine Coast is fast becoming recognized as one of the premier mountain biking regions in Canada.  The BC Bike Race travels the length of the Coast each July.  You too could spend the next few days exploring and ´Ride Where the Pros Ride´!

For the advanced mountain bike adventure, explore the Roberts Creek Bike Loop Trail with some steep climbs, forest trails, logging roads and lots of downhill speed.  The route is identified by white biking signs and double rings of orange paint.  Plan the route accordingly, as many of the off shoot trail routes will connect you to other bike routes, leading you far away from your vehicle. The trail covers 30 kms and should take about 2-3 hours to complete.  However, add a little extra time on if you are stopping to enjoy the scenic views of the Tetrahedron Mountain Range & Georgia Strait (recommended).

Access to Roberts Creek Bike Loop Trail: Follow Hwy to Roberts Creek.  Approaching from Gibsons take a right on to Roberts Creek Forestry Service Road.  If you past the Cliff Gilker Park you have driven 500 m (1640 ft.) too far so will need to go back and find the Roberts Creek Forestry Service Road.  Travel the road for 1 km (0.6 mi.) to the powerlines and then simply park and go.

Retire & rejuvenate at the Bed & Breakfast, Suite or Cottage of your choice.

Day 3
Simply described as single track paradise ... the Wakefield Valley is loaded with a seemingly endless supply of rolling single track trails that connect private lakes and stunning ocean and mountain vistas.  The main trail, Little Knives Trail (aka Trout Lake Trail) is marked by biking symbols and yellow paint markers to lead the way. Little Knives Trail may be the main trail, but there are others to explore.  Little Knives Trail is approximately 15 km and will take 4-5 hours round trip to complete , depending on the number of breaks at viewpoints. It is easy to get distracted and spend a whole day on the trail.

Access to Trout Lake: Follow Hwy 101 approximately 10 km (6.2 mi.) north west of Sechelt.  For biking trails on the North side of Hwy 101 access Trout Lake Rd to the Trout Lake parking lot.  A backdoor access point to the Little Knives (Trout Lake Trail) is off of Redroofs Road in Sargeant Bay Provincial Park.

Why not take some time to discover one of the many great restaurants in Sechelt. Some favourites include Daphne´s which specializes in Greek & Mediterranean food, Lighthouse Pub with spectacular ocean and sunset views and Sushi Bar 5517 offering authentic Japanese cuisine.

Retire & rejuvenate at the Bed & Breakfast, Suite or Cottage of your choice.

Day 4
As your trip comes to an end, take in one more ride (go on, you know you want to....)!  The Brodie Bike Loop Trail, located in Roberts Creek, is an advanced mountain bike adventure that covers 7.5 km of climbing steep logging roads, cutting through forests and getting air time while gaining some speed downhill.  This trail was the “Brodie Test of metal ´93” mountain bike race course.  Numerous trails surround the route so explore and enjoy.  The route should take about 1 - 1.5 hours to complete.

Access to Brodie Bike Loop Trail: Follow Hwy to Roberts Creek.  Approaching from Sechelt take a left onto Roberts Creek Forestry Service Road.  Located 500 m (1640 ft) just past the Cliff Gilker Park.  Travel the road for 1 km (0.6 mi.) to the powerlines and then park and go.

Afterwards, continue on to Langdale and your 40 minute ferry ride back to Horseshoe Bay. The ocean air, the friendly people and the wide variety of mountain bike trails will keep you coming back again and again to this coastal gem.

Sunshine Coast is your holiday paradise with ..... something for everyone ..... something for you!

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