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May 27th, 2010
May 27th, 2010

10 BC Getaways Put Escape Within Reach (Beachcombing on the Sunshine Coast) | by Carolyn Ali | May 27, 2010

Summer in B.C. has an uncanny way of making you forget the rest of the dreary, drizzly year. Blue skies, crisp air, warm sunshine on your cheek... Those are the days to remember. While you may question it in November, B.C. really does feel like the best place on Earth in June, July, and August. So why vacation anywhere else when thereŽs so much to offer close to home?

Whether you want to escape to a cold, clear lake, a warm beach, or a refreshing forest-or all of the above-here are 10 activities and events to inspire your vacation. Grab the calendar and mark off some holiday time. YouŽll thank us come the rains of Remembrance Day.

Beachcomb on the Sunshine Coast

ThereŽs absolutely nothing wrong with renting a cabin somewhere on the Sunshine Coast-preferably one with a sparkling ocean view-and doing nothing but sit out on the deck with a good book. But if you choose to venture further and explore the communities along Highway 101, youŽll be rewarded with beach after picturesque beach, including pebbly, driftwood-strewn Roberts Creek Beach and sandy Davis Bay. Both lie under a 45-minute drive of the Langdale ferry terminal.


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