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March 18th, 2010
March 18th, 2010

Sunshine Coast: Sechelt Peninsula by Air

by Miss604 | March 18, 2010

The last stop on our Sunshine Coast weekend adventure was in Sechelt. We had lunch at the Lighthouse Pub then walked over to WestCoast Air for a scenic flight of the peninsula.

It was really neat to fly right over the parts of the area we explored by boat just the day before. It was Johnīs first time in a float plane, which in itself is also an experience.  The ferry terminal, our resort, and even a few coastal mansions  really stood out from above.

It was a cloudy, rainy day so we couldnīt see all the way over to the glacier on Vancouver Island but the view we did have was good enough for me.  WestCoast Air offers scheduled flights from Sechelt to Nanaimo, Jervis Inlet, and Richmond/YVR. Iīve also done a scenic tour above Vancouver with them before. Our flight was complimentary but you can book a one-way ticket from Sechelt to Nanaimo for about $67.

You may view the rest of the posts in the Sunshine Coast series here or browse all of my photos or Johnīs  on Flickr.

I know Iīve said it in the other posts as well but itīs amazing to think we did all of this in just a weekend and not once did we feel rushed. As Wendy from Libre Tea once told me, the Sunshine Coast is the īlost corner of the 604ī but hopefully after this profile series it wonīt be so lost anymore.


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