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March 16th, 2010
March 16th, 2010

Sunshine Coast: FibreWorks Studio & Gallery

by Miss604 | March 16, 2010

After a lazy Saturday morning sipping coffee we made in our room we got in the car and headed North on Highway 101 toward our afternoon appointment in Egmont, continuing our Sunshine Coast adventure. We were given the names of some galleries, cafes, and pubs to check out along the way should we have enough time to stop in - luckily we did.

Greeted by her loyal companions, Yvonne showed us around the gallery, workshop space, and her own personal studio.

Fibre arts include weaving, quilting and creating art with everything from paper, silk and wool to wood to sea kelp. Yvonne´s gallery space is currently showcasing some beautifully intricate works from Shannon Wardroper.

Her works were on display until yesterday but as of March 27th, another exhibit featuring Ursula´s Collection by Ursula Bentz will move in until May 2nd.

The workshop yurt is a sturdy classroom where Yvonne brings in artists from around the globe to head up monthly sessions which are spread out over a few days. Current workshops on the calendar are “Painting with Wool”, and “Bull Kelp Baskets”.

Walking through the yurt´s door to Yvonne´s studio you almost feel like Dorothy going from black and white Kansas to technicolor Oz. Inside the beige canvas-like exterior of the yurt is a full spectrum of colour in wool form, covering the entire circumference of the rounded structure. Turquoise, magenta, indigo, charcoal - for a web coder like me I actually compared it to an HTML colour hex in my head.


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