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February 12th, 2010
February 12th, 2010

Best Getaway from Vancouver - The Sunshine Coast

Article Source:, written by Rahul sharma

If you are looking for a Vancouver Getaways weekend, or a long vacation somewhere near Vancouver, or even a relaxing day trip, The Sunshine Coast BC is the one of the finest opportunities in the Lower Mainland area. It is a yet to be commercially popular tourist spot and that is one of the reasons why people enjoy spending time here the most. Plenty of adventure, a large and active cultural community, a bit of shopping, a burgeoning alternative health and spa destination, sightseeing and more mean you can pack a lot in to your getaway... or just relax! Forest, lake or sea.

The Sunshine Coast conveniently located 40 minutes away from Vancouver from a BC Ferry Ride from Horseshoe Bay to Gibsons, enthralls the passenger on the ferry with a beautiful optical experience of the scenic beauty on the way. The Sunshine Coast can only be reached by either air or BC Ferries.

Thought it is part of mainland British Columbia, the Coast is more of an island in itself. It is full of wildlife, shorebirds, bald eagles, old growth forests, wild beaches, estuaries, and of course lots of sunshine. The beauty of the Coast is deep pleasure for the soul. Its copious, untouched and serene beauty makes it the most coveted yet undiscovered destination. Once you land here, its atmosphere will not let you get go. Many visitors come back again and again; such is the captivity of the coast.

If you are looking for more than just lazing around in the sun, then the Sunshine Coast offers a lot more to do besides admiring the scenic beauty. There are a vast number of activities catering to everyone´s needs. Imagine adventure is such a panoramic and spectacular place! The enjoyment of every opportunity is amplified by the setting. There are many activities at the Sunshine Coast, such as kayaking, mountainbiking, diving, BC hiking, golf, day spa and massages. The kayaking at the Sunshine Coast is accessible and offers a range of views - Sechelt Inlet, protected by mountains from the heaviest winds, ocean kayaking around tiny islands and even kayaking on any number of lakes in the region. For mountain biking, the Sunshine Coast offers hundreds of kilometers of trails for all types of riders and their riding abilities. There are special "rainy day activities" in cultural venues, art galleries, studios, and a number of recreational facilities. Of course, rain on the Sunshine Coast is infinitely more beautiful than in the big city - you can storm watch on the beaches or hike under the forested canopy of many trails.
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