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The Sunshine Coast Bed and Breakfast and Cottage Owners Association (SCBBCOA) was formed in 1999 as a result of a conversation between six bed and breakfast owners, Since its inception, the Association has continually developed better ways for accommodation providers on the Sunshine Coast to market their (our) businesses, and bring visitors to the Coast. Our Association's budget has grown along with our membership. Our marketing reach has expanded to include the Pacific Northwest of the United States as well as much of Canada. We have developed and maintained a superior website which encourages and facilitates accommodations bookings for our members, while also providing advertising opportunities to an increasing number of business partners.  Current access to our site and, consequently, our marketing reach extends to Europe, Asia and Australia.

The Board of Directors initiated a review of the Standards of the Association in 2006, and this important work has generated exemplary service, safety and security for visitors, which will take our Association and its members to a new level of excellence. We are proud of the Standards we use for new members' inspections and periodic follow-up checks with the purpose of ensuring that all members are operating at the highest level and providing the best accommodations to our guests.

The SCBBCOA is the largest organization of bed & breakfast and cottage businesses in British Columbia. Today, our website has thousands of visitors each month. Our potential guests use the website to select accommodations that meet their needs, strike their fancy, suit their families, or simply enchant them. Visitors are also able to access our business partners' advertisements that offer activities and services on the Sunshine Coast, from Langdale to Lund, from fine dining to kayaking and mountain-biking adventures.

Our association is directed by a dedicated group of volunteers, with assistance from our part time Administrator and Webmaster. Members of the Association also volunteer their time in a variety of ways from distributing our brochure to participating in a range of other committee work helping to meet the goals and objectives of the Association. We are constantly learning and growing. As new opportunities present themselves, or tourism and accommodation related issues arise in our communities, the SCBBCOA executive members discuss and decide, with feedback from members, on the best course to achieve our collective goals while supporting our Association values.

Our twice yearly general membership meetings are important opportunities for members to talk together, face to face, about our successes and our challenges. We are fortunate to have a significant turnout at these meetings indicating the hands-on approach of our members. Each year's Annual General Meeting sees the election of the Board of Directors and the presentation of the financial report for the past year, along with information from each of the areas for which the Directors are responsible. Also, each year, one of our General Meetings includes our business partners who are asked to come and make presentations about their new products and services.

Since the organization began the SCBBCOA has also shown leadership in another important facet of our business. Our members cooperate with each other to assist visitors in finding accommodation that will meet their needs and desires. We have found that our businesses all benefit if we help each other, so we refer visitors to other bed and breakfasts and cottages as appropriate to our guests' needs. This attitude of cooperation has made us stronger.

Many members participate in the series of spring tours of member accommodations. ln this way, we learn from each other, and we keep current on what's available in our neighborhoods, and all of the Sunshine Coast.  The SCBBCOA also offers educational opportunities for our members. As guest welfare and enjoyment is a prime concern, our members are required to be trained appropriately and Food Safe courses and WorldHost programs are regularly offered in several locations on the Coast.

ln 2007, the SCBBCOA was a founding member of Sunshine Coast Tourism (SCT), the new destination marketing organization for the Sunshine Coast. With SCT marketing the destination, the SCBBCOA is able to focus our marketing initiatives on promoting our accommodation experience while still participating in co-operative marketing with SCT.

The SCBBCOA is a vital, valuable, cutting-edge service for its members and for visitors to the Sunshine Coast.

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